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Interview Prep Session

Angela, a Principal from Qatar, booked our Interview Prep Session along with her Resume Package.

She had landed 0 interviews before working with us...

AFTER completing an Interview Prep Session with us, she landed 6 interviews and 2 job offers!

Watch the video and listen to what she has to say.

Rachael, a teacher from Australia landed a role as Head of Department after her Interview Prep Session!

Rebecca, a Music Director from Singapore, landed her dream job in the USA after her Interview Prep Session!

Jana, a Head of Music from Slovakia, landed her dream job in Thailand after her Interview Prep Session!

Do you want to feel as confident as Angela and the others in their interviews and get MORE job offers?


Then you need to work with us 1:1 in our Interview Prep Session!

What we will cover:

🚀 What an elevator pitch is and why you need one

🚀 How to tell stories that will make the school want to work with YOU

🚀 How to make your interviewer CARE about what you have to say (and get them to offer you the job)

🚀 How to ensure you don't fall into the "umm, errr, ahhh" trap and what to say and do instead

🚀 How to signpost to the school that you understand their vision and mission, and are aligned with it

🚀 How to create the job outcome you are looking for (e.g. getting the school to make you an offer)

🚀 How to ask for the job (because that's what you want, right?)

🚀 Why interviewing via Zoom is completely different from Face to Face and how you can ACE the interview

Our signature process in interview preparation has landed ALL of our 1:1 clients MORE interviews and job offers after working with us.

Angela, Rachael, Rebecca and Jana are proof that our preparation WORKS.


What People Are Saying:

The tips she gives are super helpful. I did interview prep with Cheraine and used all the tips she gave during my interviews. I definitely recommend her Interview Prep Session!

Jana Beydoun - Head of Music - Slovakia