How to find your dream job at an International School

The competition to teach at international schools is fierce. Here we help you to land your ultimate teaching role and dream job at an international school.

Figure out what your dream job looks like

Not sure where you want to live? What kind of school you want to teach in? Download our Proactive Long Term Vision Blueprint from our website here and start getting crystal clear on what kind of life you want to build.

Tap into your networks

Don’t have a network? Get connected on LinkedIn, and each day aim to make 3-5 new contacts. Focus on making connections at schools that you’d like to work in so you can start building those relationships.

Reach out

Get in touch! Let people know that you’re on the lookout for a great new role and tell them how committed you are to finding your new dream job. We all know that who you know can make the difference.

Build your profile

It sounds cheesy, but connections are built on shared interests. Spend some time working out who you are...

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The Importance of a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is key to making a first impression that counts. Here, we learn how to write cover letters with cut-through, helping you to land your dream job.

Have you fallen into the trap of cutting and pasting a cover letter, changing the name only? This could be why you’re not getting an interview. It’s not enough to send a generic letter. Principals are looking for applicants who have read the school values and mission, and whose cover letter matches these core drivers.

While you’re at it, hook them with a personalised story of a time you triumphed in the workplace. If you can capture and reflect some of those school values, even better.

In fact, those keywords are crucial to getting attention. Throughout the job description the recruiter will litter key words and phrases, that not only give you clues about what they’re looking for, but also help them to find you. Using these keywords in your application will tick more of the boxes in the Applicant...

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#staffroom7 - 7 things you can do to get MORE interviews and job offers!

1. Every day, reach out and aim to make at least 3-5 new connections on LinkedIn at schools that you are interested in working in. Find out how here:

2. Start building a personal brand on LinkedIn. It doesn't have to be related to teaching or your subject specialty - focus on something that brings you joy (because then it won't feel like work). Find out how here:

3. Level up your skills with a free online course - check out this list

4. Take a new photo for LinkedIn, and record a 30 sec intro to upload into your cover. Find out how here:

5. Commit to a daily practice of self care (even 15 min is ok) - yoga, walking, meditation to keep your stress levels down. We love Insight Timer:

6. Message your current connections on LinkedIn and let them know that you are actively searching for roles and to let you know if they hear of anything in your subject...

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