Free ATS resume template for teachers.

Since there was such an amazing response to my article on ATS teacher resumes and how it could affect your job search, I made a FREE template for you!

You can download your copy in our Store under FREE STUFF.

Make sure that your resume does not extend longer than 2 pages, use a standard font like Ariel and no more than TWO colours.

With regard to photos - the industry standard has updated recently since the #blacklivesmatter movement has come to the forefront around the world. Many recruiters have pledged to not include photos on resumes due to this being seen to support discriminatory hiring practices against #bipoc teachers within schools. At Staffroom we support equity in hiring practices, though be aware that many schools still expect to see a photo. We prefer to be the change we wish to see in the world and recommend that teachers be hired on their credentials, rather than their skin colour or ethnicity. 

I really hope this helps you improve your resume so that you...

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Teacher job interview soft skill: Culture Add.

"Culture" sounds a bit naff when you talk about it - and I'm not talking about Boy George and Culture Club (yes, I am that old)!

But it is really important in schools these days.

I really believe that it is the responsibility of all staff in a school to build a GREAT school culture.

Leadership can be top down, or bottom up.

Culture is created top down AND bottom up.


As Gandhi said, as a teacher you need to "be the change you wish to see in the world".

Teachers who think that school culture can't or won't change, are not trying hard enough. They do not have the growth mindset that we teach our students to have.

Building great culture is about supporting each other.

The whole team.

When you are asked in your job interview with the school that you are hoping to work at "how will you add to the culture of our school?" you had better have an answer ready!

And this means that you have already needed to think deeply about what school culture means to you, and how you...

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NETWORKING… is not a dirty word for teachers.

One thing I notice is that a lot of teachers don’t know how to network or sell themselves. If you really want to land your dream job at your dream school then you have to DO THE WORK. And I’m not talking about being an amazing teacher (even though I know that you are!). Unfortunately, no-one cares that you’re an amazing teacher because they’ve never heard of you, they don’t know who you are, or what you are like as a person. That’s why schools are not breaking their neck to hire you.

A lot of teachers get hired from recommendations. If you have a friend who you’ve worked with before and know is awesome, of course you are going to recommend them when a job is on the horizon at your school. But what if you don’t have a friend working at your dream school?

If you are relying on recruitment agencies or applications to job ads to get your dream job then you are really limiting your chances.

Use LinkedIn to start building your network...

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