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NETWORKING… is not a dirty word for teachers.

One thing I notice is that a lot of teachers don’t know how to network or sell themselves. If you really want to land your dream job at your dream school then you have to DO THE WORK. And I’m not talking about being an amazing teacher (even though I know that you are!). Unfortunately, no-one cares that you’re an amazing teacher because they’ve never heard of you, they don’t know who you are, or what you are like as a person. That’s why schools are not breaking their neck to hire you.

A lot of teachers get hired from recommendations. If you have a friend who you’ve worked with before and know is awesome, of course you are going to recommend them when a job is on the horizon at your school. But what if you don’t have a friend working at your dream school?

If you are relying on recruitment agencies or applications to job ads to get your dream job then you are really limiting your chances.

Use LinkedIn to start building your network...

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Teachers! Are you still feeling anxious?

Wow. What a ride the last month or so has been!

Teachers all over the world transitioning to online teaching. The mad scramble for resources. Feelings of anxiety. Wondering, am I doing enough?

Let's just put that question to bed right now.

You. Are. Doing. Enough.

In other words, if you are anything like the teachers I know and have been talking to on Facebook groups from all over the world, you have been doing your best. Continuing to deliver over and above your regular (and already huge!) workload, to ensure your students have enough content to move on with the work you were doing in the classroom, prior to transitioning to online teaching. Learning new skills, new platforms, and how to engage students who have seemingly checked out online.

Teachers everywhere are having to adapt to their new home office setup... whether that's in the solitude (and luxury) of a separate office with a door that closes; or perhaps it's in the middle of the dining room, surrounded by kids and pets!


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