Teachers Taking Action #001: What Staffroom Assumes About You


Happy Saturday to you and 3675 motivated Teachers Taking Action in our community.

Here's one short tip on how to grow your network and land your dream job.

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There are only 3 simple steps to landing your dream job. Even though it might be simple, it is YOU that needs to make the commitment to learning - and doing - for it to lead to a successful outcome.

We've based our career training on the assumption that you meet the following 4 aspects of Adult Learner Theory (Knowles, 1984:12). 

Andragogy: Adult Learner Theory

5 Assumptions of Adult Learners 


As a person matures their self-concept moves from one of being a dependent personality toward one of being a self-disciplined human being.


As a person matures they accumulate a growing reservoir of experience that becomes an increasing resource for learning.


As a person matures their readiness to learn becomes oriented increasingly to the development tasks of their social roles.


As a person matures their time perspective changes from one of postponed application of knowledge to immediacy of application, and accordingly their orientation towards learning shifts from one of subject-centredness to one of problem-centredness


As a person matures the motivation to learn is internal


The key point about Andragogy and adult learners is that you have to be self-motivated for change to occur.

Anyone can enrol in our training, or our mentorship program... and then life gets in the way and they don't get started, or they get sidetracked and don't complete.

If you really want to land your dream job, you have to commit to making working towards it a habit, every single day.

If you haven't read it yet, get yourself a copy of "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. An incredible book to start levelling up and creating the life that you want to lead. It shows you how to start small with baby steps on how to create small habits that will change your life.

That's all for this Saturday. 1 simple tip to help you land your dream job.

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