6 soft skills that teachers need to talk about in their interview.

LinkedIn (2020) have just released their latest report and it outlines loads of quality information, much of it relevant to teachers.

Teachers all over the world are finding it challenging at the moment to land their next contract. Offers are being rescinded, schools are juggling positions and reconsidering their hiring needs.

Teachers need to be fully aware of what skills schools are looking for so they have the best chance of being successful in their interview.

As we teach students, the best way to ACE your exam (or interview in this case), is to BE PREPARED.

Here are 6 soft skills that you need to have (and be able to talk about HOW you have demonstrated this at your school):

  1. Adaptability

  2. Culture Add

  3. Collaboration

  4. Leadership

  5. Growth Potential

  6. Prioritisation

If you have an interview looming then take a moment to sit down and think deeply about these soft skills.

Make a cup of tea, find a quiet place (away from kids, the dog, the craziness! lol) and grab a notebook and pen.

Use the STAR interview technique (Situation, Task, Action, Response) and think about how you have demonstrated each of these soft skills in your role as a teacher.

Write down your answers.

Read through them.

Re-write them and hone your response.

Tighten up the language, think of better examples.

Re-write it again.

Now, leave it. Go and make another cup of tea. Check on the kids, hang the washing.

Revisit it again in a few hours (even overnight).

Read through your answers again. Is it possible to improve your response?

Repeat this process 2-3 times.

You should now have some really solid responses on how to demonstrate that you are an expert at these 6 soft skills.

Good luck with your next teaching interview!

If you are finding this a challenge then book a time and run through some interview prep with me.

Tetap sehat! (Stay healthy in Bahasa Indonesia!)


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