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Teachers Taking Action #004 Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

Happy Sunday to you and 3675 motivated Teachers Taking Action in our community.

Here's one short tip on how to grow your network and land your dream job.

Today's issue takes about 2 minutes to read.


Today we are going to talk about your LinkedIn profile picture!

Your picture is the first impression that Principals and schools will have of you.

We want you to take a serious look at your profile picture and see if you meet all of these criteria:

1. Do you look like you are going to an interview?

2. Choose a photo that looks like you - if you normally wear a head scarf, glasses or a beard, have a photo that looks like that.

3. Wear professional clothing, as you would wear to school. Don't wear a tie if you don't normally wear one. Make sure your shoulders are covered.

4. Make sure the photo is high resolution. The ideal size is 400 x 400 pixels.

5. Take the photo in soft, natural light. You can use the "spotlight" filter in LinkedIn editing later if necessary.

6. Use a background remover to insert a plain colour behind you. Use a pop of colour (match it to a colour in your LinkedIn Banner). We like the tools Canva.com and also Remove.bg.

7. A selfie is fine. It doesn't have to be a professional shot.

8. Don't use your passport photo or school ID.

9. Centre the photo and take up 60% of the frame.

10. SMILE!

That's all for today. 1 simple tip to help you land your dream job.

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Cheraine & Ollie

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