How teachers can improve their LinkedIn profile.

I've just come off another coaching call with a teacher who is ready to begin her search for a new role. To give herself a competitive edge, she wants to improve her LinkedIn profile.

We talked through some things specific to her skills and experience and also some general tips which I though you might find useful as well!

Below you can find some points which you can easily action:

  • use the space for a header pic

  • have a nice, natural profile pic (don't use a passport photo) and SMILE

  • use your headline to describe yourself and add a bit of personality

  • in your headline to be clear about what you are looking for. Why beat around the bush? You have nothing to lose if you are looking for a new role

  • expand your ABOUT info to talk more about what makes YOU amazing - every teacher talks about their passion for teaching and learning which is obvious

  • recruiters and schools already know the tasks you do in a particular role, instead of talking about the tasks, talk about KEY ACHIEVEMENTS, and in particular any measurable achievements i.e. increased by 9% etc - NUMBERS MATTER

  • sometimes dates on your education are unnecessary - your age may be evident from your photo so you don't need to say when you went to university (I know I'd rather not!!! lol)

  • skills and endorsements is a LinkedIn feature which I feel never really took off - people used to ask me to endorse them all the time and there is no real benefit to it. I would probably leave only the min that LinkedIn require i.e. 5 as sometimes too many can be a distraction

  • include languages if you are fluent in more than one

  • be conscious of your comments that you leave on other posts as they can be viewed

  • follow some key players in education that interest you

  • join some groups that are relevant to your area of teaching and/ or interest

Teachers, you really do have some amazing experience and a school would be lucky to have you! If you don't have time to update your profile, let us know if you need our help and click on GET STARTED to book a time.

Hope this information is valuable to you.

Stay healthy, stay safe x


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