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Teachers Taking Action #005 Impact Statements

Happy Saturday to you and 3681 motivated Teachers Taking Action in our community.

Here's one short tip on how to grow your network and land your dream job.

Today's issue takes about 2 minutes to read.


The first stage in preparing your LinkedIn profile is to start thinking about IMPACT STATEMENTS.

You may have never heard of these before! They are your key to communicating to a school what YOU can do for THEM.

Focus on key achievements that relate to the first 5 points in the position description because these are the things that the school considers critical to the role.

Use numbers to quantify your results. Ensure you include the impact on the students, staff or school.


  • Spearheaded an independent reading program for Grade 2 which led to students reading 269 books over 5 weeks, a 25% increase on previous reading levels.


  • Pioneered a Guided Reading and Guided Teaching program, which led to improved delivery, student engagement and targeted differentiation & growth. Year group reading data increased from 10% to 35% in students achieving above grade level reading outcomes over the first 2 years.


  • Implemented the migration and 100% adoption of Google Workplace for Education as the core messaging and learning management system. This ensured learning via every accessible medium and from anywhere worldwide, meeting stakeholders' extra demands during the pandemic.


Use active words like:

● Directed
● Spearheaded
● Championed
● Pioneered
● Reengineered
● Captivated
● Exceeded
● Structured

Using these examples as a template, practice writing 10 x Impact Statements that you can include in your LinkedIn About section.

That's all for today. 1 simple tip to help you land your dream job.

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