How to find your dream job at an International School

The competition to teach at international schools is fierce. Here we help you to land your ultimate teaching role and dream job at an international school.

Figure out what your dream job looks like

Not sure where you want to live? What kind of school you want to teach in? Download our Proactive Long Term Vision Blueprint from our website here and start getting crystal clear on what kind of life you want to build.

Tap into your networks

Don’t have a network? Get connected on LinkedIn, and each day aim to make 3-5 new contacts. Focus on making connections at schools that you’d like to work in so you can start building those relationships.

Reach out

Get in touch! Let people know that you’re on the lookout for a great new role and tell them how committed you are to finding your new dream job. We all know that who you know can make the difference.

Build your profile

It sounds cheesy, but connections are built on shared interests. Spend some time working out who you are and how your own personal brand can add to your employability. And make it fun by adding things to your LinkedIn profile that don’t feel like hard work, but instead bring you joy. If they bring you joy – chances are others feel the same.

Say cheese

While you’re adding to your LinkedIn profile and personal brand, make sure your profile pic is up to date and reflects who you are. Keep it professional, and even better, record a 30 second video grab to upload to your cover. Find out how here.

Get serious about your ‘soft’ skills

Yes, you have your degrees and teaching qualifications and years of experience, but those extra ‘soft’ skills like tech know-how and admin skills can give you the edge. Check out this range of free online courses and start adding to your resumé.


This is a process and you will need to be committed to see results. Competition is fierce out there, so manage each stage as professionally as you can and chances are it will pay off. Work towards your goal strategically, maximise your efforts by playing it smart, and persevere!

And remember to take time to look after yourself. Prioritise a healthy sleep and exercise routine so that you’re fresh and ready to go when that job comes knocking.

Want more support during this process? Apply to our Staffroom Mentorship Program today!


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