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Teacher Career Tip: Install Grammarly on your computer

Grammarly is a free tool to help you improve your writing. If you are a Non-Native English Speaker, this is SUPER important (but it is STILL important if English is your native language). A spelling or grammar mistake in your resume could land it straight in the bin. Download Grammarly here and say goodbye to spelling and grammar mistakes!

According to the career website The Ladders:

"Mistake #1: Obvious spelling or grammar errors

Spelling and grammar errors are the best way to encourage the hiring manager to ditch your resume outright.

Remember, your resume should put your best foot forward. Your absolute best work. If you overlook spelling and grammar errors on something as important as a resume, then what assurance do they have that you’ll add value as an employee?

Pro tip: This includes more than just spelling words correctly. It’s also about using the correct word (ie: there vs. their, etc) and using commas and periods properly. Yes, most recruiters and hiring managers pick up on these mistakes, quickly."

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