Teacher job interview soft skill: Adaptability.

Teachers all over the world have just proved their adaptability to absolutely EVERYONE as we have been thrown in the deep end with the COVID-19 pandemic and have been forced to adapt to online learning.

LinkedIn (2020) reported "Adaptability is essential for thriving in a rapidly changing work environment.

Given that 54% of employees may require significant re-skilling or up-skilling over the next few years to keep pace with new technology and evolving business needs, adaptability is essential.

Employees who are adaptable are more likely to achieve better outcomes as priorities shift or setbacks occur, since they're already comfortable making strategic adjustments."

Adaptability is a great soft skill that every single teacher can now CONFIDENTLY talk about in their next job interview.

You've proved that you are adaptable.


Ready to deal with unexpected challenges.

When you have a minute, grab a notepad and pen and find a quiet place (lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to - I have been known to do this!).

Think about all the things that you have done lately where you have demonstrated adaptability and try and pick the 3 best examples.

Using the STAR interview technique (Situation, Task, Action, Response) write down those 3 examples using that framework.

Now review them and choose the one that you feel has the most impact and demonstrates your adaptability the most.


You have now nailed a response that you can use in your next interview!

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Practice saying this response out loud in front of a mirror or to someone else in your house until it sounds natural and just rolls off your tongue.

The more you can practice saying it, the better it sounds when you say it out loud. Because YOU believe it!

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Tetap sehat! (stay healthy in Bahasa Indonesia)!


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