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Teachers Taking Action #008 - 87 reasons to make a video

Happy Saturday to you and 3881 motivated Teachers Taking Action in our community.

Here's one short tip on how to grow your network and land your dream job.

Today's issue takes about 2 minutes to read.


87% of teachers that include a link to an intro video in their resumé and have a video on their LinkedIn profile get called for an interview. 

The results are in. Video is 87x more likely to engage your audience (who are Principals and schools).

To communicate your value to Principals and schools (and get hired) you have to create a situation where they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Video is the fastest way to do that.

People can get a much greater understanding of who you are compared to looking at words on a page, or just by your photo on your LinkedIn profile. They connect with you on a much deeper level. They feel like they are meeting you in person before they call you for an interview.

If you don't have a video on your LinkedIn profile, you are missing an opportunity to connect with Principals and schools and land more interviews and job offers. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your personal billboard that is advertising you 24/7 even when you sleep.

Follow this format to make a video for your LinkedIn profile (you only get 30 seconds). Remember that you can only upload it to LinkedIn from your phone (not your laptop or desktop).

  • 1. My name is _________ and I'm from _____________ 
  • 2. I'm an expert teacher of _____________ 
  • 3. I will add value to your school by _______________ 

When you apply for a job, you want to make a video and personally address the Principal, share why you'll be a great fit for the role and communicate your excitement about being part of their team.

Then include this video link on your resumé.

We guarantee 100% that they will watch the video.

How do we know that?

Because not one other teacher will do this.


Guaranteed to hook their interest in you and they are much more likely to invite you for an interview.


That's all for today. 1 simple tip to help you land your dream job.

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Cheraine & Ollie

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