Cheraine and

Ollie Escott.

We are Aussie teachers who started our international teaching career in Indonesia. We noticed that many of our Indonesian colleagues were highly qualified and experienced in teaching, but they lacked the skills and knowledge about how to get jobs in international schools, so they had only ever worked in Indonesia. We started exploring this on LinkedIn and we heard the same things over and over again:

"I never get call backs from recruiters"

"I never get any interviews"

"I never get any feedback about what I'm doing wrong"

We landed our dream jobs at international schools in Bali... during the pandemic. We had so many teachers asking us how we did it, and could we help them land their dream jobs at an international school as well?

We started training other teachers how to optimise their LinkedIn profile so that schools and recruiters would reach out to them. We trained them on how to write an incredible resume and cover letter that would get them called for an interview. We trained them on how to network and build connections with schools. We trained them on how to ACE the interview, and get more job offers.

The result? Teachers started landing their dream jobs.

Our outstanding testimonials from teachers are proof that our career strategy training works. 

We started thinking how we can create MORE value and help MORE teachers around the world? So we started a community for teachers www.staffroom.social - the #1 social network for educators to share their stories, experiences and ideas, as well as jobs! Teachers can upload a video about themselves and learn from each other, as well as take advantage of all the FREE online training we've curated to help them with their careers!

Finally, we wanted to scale our business and create a global movement of helping teachers get jobs. We've just launched the Staffroom Mentorship Program for teachers across the world. Our Learn Now, Pay Later model smashes through the financial barrier to entry and gives ALL teachers the opportunity to land their dream job in an international school. Interested? You can apply for the Mentorship Program here.

We’ve been featured in “International Schooling: The Teacher’s Guide”. Get your copy here: www.teachabroad.ac

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