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Olivia - Ethiopia

"It provided me with insight into writing a resume. I would recommend her services to any teacher seeking to improve their resume. Thank you, Cheraine!"

Josue - Uruguay

"If I could summarize the impact on me, I'd say it was revealing. I thought my CV was clear and informative. Now I see it as a living document that adapts and changes everyday."

Ece - Turkey

"I would absolutely recommend Cheraine to anyone who needs a professional touch for their resume and how they are represented by it. Thank you so much!"

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Read more teacher success stories here:


Rebecca - Music Director - Singapore

"Cheraine helped me translate my resume into stories that are engaging and interesting and that show my strengths. She coached me on how to show myself in the best light even when asked difficult interview questions. There is no doubt that my success interviewing for my new job is a direct result of her help. I recommend her without reservation."


Everett - Athletic Director - China

"I attended an online resume writing course with Cheraine and was very impressed with the presentation and content. She not only presented a resume presentation style, she justified it with her experience in the industry to support why we should make adjustments. Her style was light, fun, and filled with practical suggestions for building a better, high quality resume. As a result of the changes I made to my resume, I was ultimately hired at a school that may be my dream school. I would strongly suggest that any educator who is thinking of shifting positions to at least take the resume course, if not the full course she offers. Definitely check out the great resources on the site and consider the great options and services she provides to educators."


May Ellen - PYP Teacher - Philippines

"I recently attended Cheraine's Cover Letter masterclass. This class provided me with direction and confidence in producing a stronger cover letter, and I definitely feel more equipped in sending out my applications. The class format was very casual yet highly informative - very helpful and highly recommended! Thank you, Cheraine!"


Chelsea - Social Studies Teacher - USA

"I have recently attended three masterclasses taught by Cheraine. I learned so much about resume writing, cover letter writing, and how to most effectively use LinkedIn. As a new international teacher, these skills will be invaluable during my career. Cheraine is easy to learn from and makes you feel welcome and comfortable working through processes which can be both very personal and tedious. I look forward to working with her again in the future and recommend her unreservedly."


Cyndi - PYP Teacher - Indonesia

"Cannot wait to land my new job! Cheraine has delivered 2 fantastic masterclasses on Resume and Cover Letters. Thanks to her guidance, I am excited about crafting my resume and covering letter with confidence to catch my future employers attention. Cheraine Escott at Staffroom #Kudos #ThankYou very much for everything you do."


Shaun - Elementary Teacher - New Zealand

"Attending my first Resume Masterclass I was a bit sceptical at the start, but after listening to the professional nature of Cheraine explaining the process in regards to ATS tracking systems, it was made clear why I wasn't getting the interviews I was hoping for. I will be 100% taking the next step in seeking her professional services (the Teacher Resume Package) as I feel with Covid the competitive nature to stand out is more important now than ever before. Thanks for opening my eyes."


Chantal - Literacy Coordinator - Singapore

"After a CV workshop with Cheraine, I feel 100% more confident about how to write a CV that will get me noticed for the job I’m after. She’s super knowledgeable about what is needed and what schools are looking for. I’d really recommend one of her workshops if you’re struggling to get interviews, or if you just need a refresher on what the current trends are regarding selling yourself to potential schools."


Leanne - Head of English - China

"I found Cheraine’s Resume Masterclass to be most informative and well worth attending. Valuable insights into how one’s CV should be structured for maximum impact and how to improve one’s chances of one’s CV actually being seen. Cheraine is warm and engaging and keeps it real. Making my changes and hoping for a higher hit rate!! Thank you Cheraine!"


Lucy - PYP Teacher - Denmark

"I just had an amazing interview preparation session with Cheraine. It was great to have the opportunity to think about structuring my answers to create maximum impact. She also empowered me with some wonderful techniques to stay calm and slow down."


Ranjana - Principal - India

"I am an experienced educator, however, recently I've not been able to get a response from employers. I chose to seek advice from Cheraine at Staffroom because she has been doing a great job by posting available roles, and helping people like me with her professional advice. She helped me by giving detailed feedback on my resume. She is very experienced and knowledgeable in providing career services. I would absolutely recommend Cheraine to anyone who is not confident about resume writing and need interview preparation."


Sondra - Art Teacher - Dominican Republic

"Cheraine Escott at Staffroom is truly amazing at what she does. I purchased the Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter package, and I have never felt so confident going into the recruiting season. Her inquiry into my teaching practice and future goals coupled with her writing technique yielded a resume that gives a clear view of who I am as an educator. Her guidance has helped me clarify my goals giving me the tools I need to work toward them. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheraine to help anyone with their career needs."


Rachael - Head of Mathematics - Australia

"I reached out to Cheraine for interview preparation. Cheraine reviewed all of my submitted documentation and ran a personalised session based on my specific context. Her feedback was honest, targeted, and empowering. She used her wealth of experience to support my growth as a professional and grow my confidence in my abilities. I am so grateful I booked a time with her. I left the session feeling determined and uplifted. Thank you!"


Carol - MYP Mathematics Teacher - Taiwan

"Cheraine is professional in helping educators to build up their careers and to highlight their values. This is often missed by many great educators in the world. I believe that it would be a great experience to continue working with her until I land in my dream job!"


Amal - French & Spanish Teacher - Lebanon

"As soon as I got online with Cheraine, I knew things would be fine. Cheraine is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Her positivity is contagious. Although this is not a recruitment page, many of the members are able to help with job leads - as was my case, and with support. I am excited about revamping my CV and I look forward to working with Cheraine during the next few weeks."


Kara - EAL Teacher - Australia

"Cheraine was committed to addressing everything I wanted to discuss in her coaching session, from my next steps to finding a long-term goal. She confirmed that I already have the skills to get where I want to go next, and suggested some ways I can better demonstrate these skills to employers. She followed the session with a comprehensive and personalised write up of suggestions and links, which I’m excited about exploring. Thank you, Cheraine!"


Zujaja - PYP Teacher - Singapore

"Cheraine is a wonderful coach and a super helpful person. She is able to assess career goals, needs and aspirations. With her help I was able to organize my thoughts and was left with clarity to identify and target my future plans. The conversations with her fuelled me to aim high, I would recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade their career."



  • Guaranteed success
  • Lifelong skills 
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don't land your dream job in 12 months (conditions apply)