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Angela, a Principal from Qatar, has something to tell you...



"I was recently needing support with writing an effective cover letter and impactful CV. Having been off the market for a long time my skills were outdated and I needed direction. I chose to work with Cheraine at Staffroom because I found her responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. She seemed to be helping others and having great results so I thought I would give her a try too. She helped me by coaching and empowering me to be part of the process of improving my writing skills in line with what today's market are looking for. I would recommend her because she not only made the whole process easy but she helped me to have more confidence in my own abilities and achievements. I now have some new skills which I can use to promote myself on the job market in the future. "

Angela Smith - Principal - Qatar
Successfully landed 6 interviews and 2 offers in Thailand after completing our Resume Package & Interview Prep Session

Are you an experienced or aspiring international teacher who is looking to land your dream job?ย  You have come to the right place!

Hi! We are Cheraine & Ollie Escott. We are international teachers who landed our dream jobs in Bali, PLUS built a profitable online business - and we did it during the pandemic. Our core purpose is to help teachers create a job and life they dream about. We teach you the skills you need in 2021 to land your dream job in an international school.

"Cannot wait to land my new job! Cheraine has delivered two fantastic masterclasses on Resume and Cover Letters. Thanks to her guidance, I am excited about crafting my resume and covering letter with confidence to catch my future employers attention. Cheraine Escott at Staffroom #Kudos #ThankYou very much for everything you do."

Cyndi Kruijer - PYP Teacher - Indonesia
Successfully completed multiple Masterclasses and made the jump from PYP Teacher to PRINCIPAL (we are not joking!!) Cyndi you ROCK!!!

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"Cheraine Escott at Staffroom is truly amazing at what she does. I purchased the Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter package, and I have never felt so confident going into the recruiting season. Her inquiry into my teaching practice and future goals, coupled with her writing technique yielded a resume that gives a clear view of who I am as an educator. Her guidance has helped me clarify my goals giving me the tools I need to work toward them. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheraine to help anyone with their career needs."

Sondra Mullenax (Quirsfeld) - MYP & DP Visual Arts Teacher - Dominican Republic
Successfully landed interviews for both her and her husband at a leading school in Switzerland after they both completed our Resume Package

If you're an experienced international teacher or looking to launch your career in international teaching, you've come to the right place.

We have everything you need to land your dream job!

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Post-Pandemic, International Teaching has changed a lot


๐Ÿš€ You used to fly to International School Job Fairs, spend thousands of $$$ on flights and accommodation and would pray to get an offer while you were there

๐Ÿš€ You used to rely on recruiters to find you a job

๐Ÿš€ You didn't think your LinkedIn profile was that important

๐Ÿš€ You thought you just needed to list your skills and responsibilities on your resume

๐Ÿš€ You had no idea what an ATS is, or how it determines how you get short-listed by schools and recruiters

๐Ÿš€ You left your resume and cover letter to the last minute, so when a job came up that you wanted to apply for, you weren't prepared (teachers are REALLY busy!!)



๐Ÿš€ You realise that almost every school is using Zoom to interview prospective staff and face to face Job Fairs are expensive, time-consuming and unreliable

๐Ÿš€ You understand that you need a polished digital profile on LinkedIn that SELLS you to schools 24/7 (even when you're sleeping!)

๐Ÿš€ You are aware that schools don't care about the tasks and responsibilities on your resume, they want to know the IMPACT that you had on the school, and what you can do for THEM

๐Ÿš€ You know that you are competing with teachers who are switched on, tech-savvy with awesome skills and experience in a very competitive market

๐Ÿš€ You know what an ATS is (or READ THIS if you are still not sure), and appreciate that optimising your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for ATS systems of schools and recruiters will have a HUGE impact on your resume being shortlisted

๐Ÿš€ You are prepared invest in your career and do whatever it takes to level up and land your dream job in international school


Australia. Austria. Canada. China. Dominican Republic. Denmark. Egypt. Ethiopia. France. Germany. India. Indonesia. Jamaica. Lebanon. Malaysia. New Zealand. Philippines. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. Singapore. South Africa. Spain. Sudan. Switzerland. Taiwan. Thailand. Turkey. Uganda. United Arab Emirates. United Kingdom. United States of America. Uruguay. Uzbekistan.

Our clients are international teachers and leadership from all over the world. We specialise in helping both Native and Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) teachers get MORE interviews and job offers, and land their dream job in international school. That's exactly what you need, right?

Are you ready to MAXIMISE your chances of landing your dream job in an international school?





"I was applying for an internal promotion for a position I had previously been rejected. Since my last application, I had completed significant work within the school and now was in a position to better meet the key selection criteria. I sought support from Cheraine to help prepare for my interview. I had been watching Cheraine's clips on LinkedIn and was impressed by her calm manner and practical advice. Cheraine and I had an hour-long interview preparation session. She delivered sound, frank advice while boosting my confidence. The interview went well and I received positive feedback from the Principal. Once again I was not offered the position however the Principal encouraged me to apply for another, arguably larger, role within the school. He stated that my passion shone in the interview and was very keen for me to take on another position within the school. I would recommend Cheraine to anyone looking to advance their career in teaching. Her advice allowed me to voice my skills, tell my stories, and highlight how I can be an asset to a school. I was offered a significant promotion after my coaching session with her. Thank you Cheraine! I am now working in a job that is beyond my initial hopes for myself"

Rachael - Head of Department - Australia
Successfully landed a job offer after our Interview Prep session as Head of Department at a leading IB School

Are you ready to add your name and country to our list of teachers and leadership who have landed their dream job after working with us?

All of our clients have gotten MORE interviews and job offers after booking our Resume Package. Keep scrolling to read more kind words they've said about us.

"I was recently having a problem with improving my CV and making my LinkedIn profile stand out. I chose to work with Cheraine at Staffroom after she invited me to join her Staffroom group. The group was very helpful and inclusive, and the tips that Cheraine offered were on point. Cheraine took her time to speak with me and to understand my strengths. She transformed my CV from a generic document to a much more personal expression of my "self". What I particularly liked about her approach was the attention she gave me as a human rather than as an employee seeking a teaching post. I would absolutely recommend Cheraine to anyone who wants to highlight their skills and experience while still sounding authentic. I feel much more confident in sending my CV out to schools. Thank you so much Cheraine!"

Amal Chehayab - IB & MYP Language Acquisition French & Spanish Teacher - Lebanon
Successfully landed a job offer in Jamaica from our Facebook group before even starting our Resume Package

Do you feel confident about your upcoming interview?

All of our clients have felt 100% MORE confident after an interview prep session with us.

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your help, for having Staffroom, for creating the super affordable $1 Dollar Job Club, and for providing the opportunity to connect schools with excellent educators who unfortunately often get overlooked because of age, nationality and/or ethnic discrimination. Because of your help, I have received over 80 exciting CVs and I am certain we will be offering positions to at least 10 people from all over the world, some of whom applied for teachers but will be receiving offers for Senior Leaders because of their enthusiasm, experience, expertise, and the very obvious guidance they have gotten from you. You truly create value and change lives!"

Eva Pillossof - Chief Group Director of Education - UAE
Successfully hired 10 teachers from our $1 Job Club & Facebook group

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"I would like to recommend Cheraine to anyone looking for a dream job or looking for great teachers for their schools. When we had couple of urgent openings due to the Coronavirus related travel ban, her Facebook page helped us hire great teachers almost immediately. We are still receiving many applications with Cheraine's help. Next time I look for a job or people to hire, I know who I will contact first"

Khassiyat Saidiganiyeva - IB Principal & MYP Coordinator - Uzbekistan
Successfully hired multiple teachers from our Facebook group for her leading international school

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"Cheraine is professional in helping educators to build up their careers and to highlight their values. This is often missed by many great educators in the world. I believe that it would be a great experience to continue working with her until I land my dream job!"

Carol Lai - MYP Mathematics & English Teacher - Taiwan
Successfully landed a job offer from a leading international school in Vietnam after a Resume Review session

Imagine waking up in a dream location every day, like Bali, Portugal or Paris...

Our coaching program teaches you how to create your own profitable, online business. You CAN build the life you dream about!

"I had my CV checked by Cheraine. If I could summarise the impact on me, I'd say it was revealing. I thought my CV was clear and informative. Now I see it as a living document that adapts and changes everyday. Cheraine is a knowledgeable and caring person. I'd definitely hire her services again!"

Josue Naranjo - IBDP Coordinator - Uruguay
Successfully landed more interviews and job offers after implementing Resume Feedback

Do you feel unsure of where your teaching career is going next?

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"I recently attended Cheraine's Cover Letter masterclass. This class provided me with direction and confidence in producing a stronger cover letter, and I definitely feel more equipped in sending out my applications. The class format was very casual yet highly informative - very helpful and highly recommended! Thank you, Cheraine!"

May Ellen Lim - PYP Teacher - Philippines
Successfully completed our Cover Letter Masterclass

Do you know how to ask for the job at the end of your interview?

Our Interview Prep session will teach you how.

"I have recently attended three masterclasses taught by Cheraine. I learned so much about resume writing, cover letter writing, and how to most effectively use LinkedIn. As a new international teacher, these skills will be invaluable during my career. Cheraine is easy to learn from and makes you feel welcome and comfortable working through processes that can be both very personal and tedious. I look forward to working with her again in the future and recommend her unreservedly."

Chelsea Korth PhD - Social Studies Teacher - USA
Successfully completed multiple Masterclasses

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"The class was so eye-opening on things we take for granted yet they make a great difference and the ability to play with words. It was so exciting and eye-opening for me personally. With the vast experience you shared, it clearly showed why I kept getting those "unfortunately you have not been selected for the next round" responses. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, it was super helpful!"

Mildred Gamba - Head of PE - Uganda
Successfully completed multiple Masterclasses

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"Attending my first Resume Masterclass I was a bit sceptical at the start, but after listening to the professional nature of Cheraine explaining the process in regards to ATS tracking systems, it was made clear why I wasn't getting the interviews I was hoping for. I will be 100% taking the next step in seeking her professional services (the Teacher Resume Package) as I feel with Covid the competitive nature to stand out is more important now than ever before. Thanks for opening my eyes."

Shaun Brickman - Elementary Teacher - New Zealand
Successfully completed our Resume Masterclass

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"After a CV workshop with Cheraine, I feel 100% more confident about how to write a CV that will get me noticed for the job Iโ€™m after. Sheโ€™s super knowledgable about what is needed and what schools are looking for. Iโ€™d really recommend one of her workshops if youโ€™re struggling to get interviews, or if you just need a refresher on what the current trends are regarding selling yourself to potential schools."

Chantel Van Niekerk - Literacy Coordinator & PYP Teacher - Singapore
Successfully completed our Resume Masterclass

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"I found Cheraineโ€™s Resume Masterclass to be most informative and well worth attending. Valuable insights into how oneโ€™s CV should be structured for maximum impact and how to improve oneโ€™s chances of oneโ€™s CV actually being seen. Cheraine is warm and engaging and keeps it real. Making my changes and hoping for a higher hit rate! Thank you Cheraine!"

Leanne Davidson - Head of English - China
Successfully completed our Resume Masterclass

Do you want to make your dream a reality?

We can help you make it happen.

"I just had an amazing interview preparation session with Cheraine. It was great to have the opportunity to think about structuring my answers to create maximum impact. She also empowered me with some wonderful techniques to stay calm and slow down."

Lucy Newton-Soliman - Primary Teacher - Denmark
Successfully completed our Interview Prep session

Do you want to create a job and a life you dream about?

We will help you do it.

"I was recently having difficulty writing my CV and applying for jobs after several years in the same teaching job. I chose to work with Cheraine at Staffroom because I had been following her posts on LinkedIn, and found she has a positive and upbeat approach to career coaching. She helped me by making recommendations for how to improve the impact of my CV. What I particularly liked about her approach was her precise and detailed advice as well as her knowledge of the current situation in education recruitment. I would totally recommend Cheraine to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck in their career and not sure how to make their next career move."

Kirsty Hodges - History & French Teacher - Austria
Successfully implemented our Resume Feedback

Do you want to leave teaching? Do you want more time with your family? Do you want financial freedom?

If you want to leave behind the never-ending marking, lesson planning and have the financial freedom to leave teaching, our coaching program teaches you how to create your own profitable, online business. You CAN build the life you dream about!

"I was recently having a problem with the organisation of my resume. I chose to work with Cheraine at Staffroom because I saw her posts on LinkedIn and thought she could be the answer to my problem. She helped me by giving me feedback on how to better organise my resume. I would absolutely recommend Cheraine to anyone who needs a professional touch for their resume and how they are represented by it. It is really important to leave a good impression on the hiring people through our resume. Thank you so much!"

Ece DemircioฤŸlu - Principal & Curriculum Writer - Turkey
Successfully implemented our Resume Feedback

All of our clients have gotten MORE interviews and job offers!

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"I recently consulted Cheraine for her resume review service at Staffroom. Not only was her feedback delivered promptly, it was detailed and personalised, and provided me with insight into writing a resume. I would recommend her services to any teacher seeking to improve their resume. Thank you, Cheraine!"

Olivia Wong - Head of Year - Ethiopia
Successfully implemented our Resume Feedback

"I am an experienced educator, however, recently I've not been able to get a response from employers. I chose to seek advice from Cheraine at Staffroom because she has been doing a great job by posting available roles, and helping people like me with her professional advice. She helped me by giving detailed feedback on my resume. She is very experienced and knowledgeable in providing career services. I would absolutely recommend Cheraine to anyone who is not confident about resume writing and needs interview preparation."

Ranjana Manuel - Principal & PYP Coordinator - India
Successfully implemented our Resume Feedback

"Cheraine is a wonderful coach and a super helpful person. She is able to assess career goals, needs and aspirations. With her help I was able to organise my thoughts and was left with clarity to identify and target my future plans. The conversations with her fuelled me to aim high, I would recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade their career."

Zujaja Barry - PYP Teacher - Singapore
Successfully landed more interviews in Singapore after booking our Resume Package

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